Friday, 8 June 2012

Watch Online Flight Official Trailer [HD] - Denzel Washington Saves as Pilot

It's been a really long time since we've had a chance to see Denzel Washington take on a role with some substance to it. Paramount has released the trailer for the Denzel Washington drama Flight, in which the actor portrays a moody pilot who makes a miraculous, Captain Sully-style crash landing -- and, afterward, must come to grips with overnight celebrity and personal demons.

The hero worship is short lived, however, as information starts to emerge that Whip was under the influence of illegal substances while flying, and everything begins to fall apart. The cast is fantastic, with Melissa Leo as a dogged investigator, and Don Cheadle as Whip's attorney. Kelly Reilly, James Badge Dale, and John Goodman co-star. the trailer for Flight shocks you with just how enjoyable and appealing it seems.

Watch the trailer below.


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