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Shanghai : Hindi Movie Review and Critics Ratings

Shanghai : Hindi Movie Review
Average Rating:  4/5
(Based on Critics reviews)

Stars: 4/5 Site: Bollywood Hangama

He is acknowledged for creating high-quality cinema. Right from Khosla Ka Ghosla to Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! to Love Sex Aur Dhokha, Dibakar Banerjee's movies have been lapped up by spectators.

Now Dibakar presents the much-anticipated thriller SHANGHAI, which orbits in the region of gluttony and deceitfulness of politicians.SHANGHAI is undeniably one of the most politically astute films ever made. It keeps you involved and concerned right from its inception to the harrowing culmination. A must watch !

Stars: 4.5/5   Site: DNA India

The plot is simple – a social worker, Dr Ahemadi (Chatterjee), fighting for the resettlement of the hapless residents of Bharat Nagar, is bumped off. The involvement of the political-builder-police nexus is apparent. Stuck between them is Dr Ahemadi’s student, supporter and lover, Shalini (Koechlin), looking for justice among the mayhem; TA Krishnan (Deol), the guy in charge of the enquiry commission set up to investigate the death; and a small-time video filmmaker, Joginder Parmar aka Jogi (Hashmi), who gets dragged in unwillingly.

To sum, Dibakar Banerjee’s Shanghai walks the thin line between mainstream and meaningful cinema, and does so beautifully. The rare, well-deserving Rs100cr film? Who cares? There’s more to cinema than box office records and opening weekend numbers; Shanghai is the perfect example. Watch.

Stars: 3.5/5   Site: Times of India

The story-telling is embossed with naked realism, rawness and brutal honesty. Be it blood stained bodies, close-ups of blackened faces, or ugliness (of body and soul) - he bares it with gut, grit and gore. The story is predictable (expect for a few scenes), and the revelations that follow, don't send shockwaves or make your bellies churn.Yet, reality stings. Sometimes more than the 'dengue and malaria' in our very own hinterland.Whether Shanghai is off-beat or mainstream is debatable, but if you thrive on rustic realistic cinema, however heavy-duty - this is your pick.

Stars: 4/5   Site: Filmfare

Shanghai works not just because it excels in its genre. But for the people that you see in the film – their problems, actions and the situations thrown at them which the audience can easily relate to. The gritty milieu and an equally edgy soundtrack play an important role in keeping you engaged. Also, the use of satire is evident: tragedy and comedy, death and life, exist side by side. The real hero of the film is Dibakar Banerjee. At the very start of the film he puts all his cards on the table. Yet, he succeeds in keeping us engrossed. In less than two hours, he packs a riveting drama with a sledge hammer of a social message. No gimmicks, just good old story-telling.

Stars: 3/5   Site: Firstpost

Emraan Hashmi is simply the best – in a character unknown to his fans and audiences till now – a sharp contrast from his lover boy and gangster hits. Abhay Deol is almost there in his role as an IAS officer, but he doesn’t quite nail the Southern accent.Farooque Shaikh’s appearance in the film makes you want to see him playing more parts – he is such a natural actor. Kalki Koechlin serves the purpose of the foreigner girl. The music by Vishal-Shekhar is raw and melodious, especially the Bharat Mata Ki Jai song.

Shanghai is a realistic representation of “modern” India on film.

Cast: Abhay Deol, Kalki Koechlin, Emraan Hashmi, Prasenjit Chatterjee and Farooque Shaikh

5 – Flawless
4 – Must Watch
3 – One Time Watch
2 – Wait for the DVD
1 – Stay Away

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