Sunday, 24 June 2012

Satyamev Jayate : Episode 7 Review

In the seventh episode of Satyamev Jayate highlighted the plight of women who are victims of the domestic violence.

Aamir Khan laid threadbare the situation that is happening in our country, the kind of suffering and the violence that the ladies are enduring day in and day out just to keep their marriage going, under the false belief that the situation may turn around someday, but by the time it may turn around the lady in question is reduced to shambles, her confidence is shattered and she is not at all in a position to find a place for herself in the society. 

Snehalata Jadhav, a victim to physical abuse at the hands of her husband suffered the trauma for 16 years in the hope of things changing for better. But when things finally got out of hand, she took the brave decision to call the marriage quits.The second story was about Rashmi and the trauma that she had to go through. She says most women don’t walk out because of insecurity & lack of courage. Both the women just wanted to get their freedom, and did not even ask for any money for any financial support.

Shanno Begum was also subject to violence at the hands of her husband and after years of torture, when he finally slammed her head with a stone, Shanno could take it no more. Says Shanno "I don't know what got into me or where the courage came from. I slapped my husband". And that put an end to her story of domestic violence.

Women activist Kamala Bhasin focussed the role of ancient traditions in forming a society with a male dominated mindset. She traced the roots of the problem to the age old conventions. She also stressed on the role of inherited property in creating a favourable situation for domestic violence.‘Satyamev Jayate’ also showed how an honest Police officer, Satheesh Balan’s efforts reaped fruits in Haryana and how he was able to set up a shelter home for women in his jurisdiction. The Officer threw light upon the presence of shelter homes and protection officers who are appointed to help women seek justice in case of domestic violence.

This episode was an eye opener because according to statistics, every one out of two women in the country is a victim to domestic violence. Also, in a shocking interview with men from all over the country, Aamir shed light on an Indian male's mentality: That it is his right to hit the woman in order to keep her in check and a way of proving his masculinity. 

Aamir discussed the problem of domestic violence with the male members of the audience in the last segment of the programme. Meenal Jain ended the show with her heart touching song 'Gumshum na rahungi'.  

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