Thursday, 21 June 2012

Top Windows Phone 8 Features

Microsoft today unveiled a revamped Windows Phone mobile OS that will share key core elements with Windows 8, expected to be launched in autumn, when the new phone software will also be available. However current Windows Phone 7.5 users will not be able to upgrade to the full Windows Phone 8 release.

Here are the top features in Windows Phone 8 :

Revamped Start Screen: New colors, user re-sizable tiles mean that the start screen is more personal than ever.  

Windows Phone 8 Core: Windows and Windows Phone now share core OS technologies, such as the kernel, file system, networking, security, media and browser. This is a big change for the platform as it means the experience you have on your smartphone will mirror that of your desktop and vice versa. It also means the huge and growing developer community need only work on one platform and not have to specialise, saving time, money and resources! 

Dual-core Chip sets: You wanted more processing power and it seems you're going to get it, as Microsoft has relaxed the hardware restraints and is allowing support for multiple cores on Windows Phone for the first time. 

Screen resolution: Windows Phone 7.5 maxed out at 480X800 (WVGA) resolutions. Windows Phone 8 supports two new screen resolutions - 1280x768 and 1280x720, opening the door to 720p displays.

SD cards: Windows Phone 8 comes with MicroSD support, so users are no longer limited by the built-in storage. It's not been defined the size of cards supported but expect them to be well in line with cutting-edge support! 

Nokia Maps: Maps in Windows Phone 8 will be powered by Nokia and will offer turn-by-turn navigation in several countries. The ability to store maps offline so they can be operated without a data connection will be a nice plus. 

NFC: Nokia is a huge supporter of Near Field Communication so it comes as no surprise that it will be making a hardware appearance in Windows Phone 8 devices. NFC for those who have not seen it, is a wireless technology that allows devices to communicate simply by touching each other. Perfect for sharing information with a friend or for making a payment at a vending machine. Expect it to be huge in the coming months! 

IE10: Internet Explorer is evolving and will be the most advanced browser yet. That's because as part of the 'core' rollout, it's the same browser as you'll find on Windows 8 so you'll be able to have the same experience on mobile as you will desktop.

Apps: With over 100,000 apps already on the Windows Phone Marketplace a new SDK will hit this summer that gives developers hands on tools to really make the most of the new platform, so there will be no shortage of apps for an ever eager ecosystem. 

Wallet: Another 'core' feature will be Wallet, the ability to keep all you financial stuff on your phone, such as credit and debit cards, boarding passes and even coupons secure and safe. Paired with your SIM and NFC you'll be able to use your Windows Phone 8 Lumia to make payments when necessary.

Business Class: Enterprise capabilities such as encryption, app management and Company Hub are also set to come to Windows Phone 8, making the platform better focussed for the professional user.

What do you think about new features share with us.

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