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Ferrari Ki Sawaari : Hindi Movie Review

Ferrari Ki Sawaari : Hindi Movie Review
Average Rating:  3/5
(Based on web reviews)

Stars: 3.5/5 Site: Bollywood hangama

A little boy thinks of nothing but cricket. His father, Rusy, thinks of nothing but his little boy. To fulfill his son's dream of playing at Lord's cricket ground, the honest and upright Rusy performs the first small act of dishonesty in his life.

He borrows a gleaming red Ferrari. Just for one hour. The only trouble- he doesn't inform its legendary owner. A wild, breathless, bumpy ride begins.Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a heartwarming story of small guys and their big dreams.  

Stars: 2.5/5   Site: Ndtv

This competently crafted and well-intentioned cricket-themed film steers clear of many of commercial Hindi cinema’s narrative conventions – it sure gets full marks on that count – but succumbs to some of its most retreaded clichés.
Directed by first-timer Rajesh Mapuskar, the film is rather easy to relate to but quite hard to be enthused by. For the most part, it is a bit like the middle overs of an ODI innings – dull and desultory. What makes matters worse is the generally limpid pace of the narrative. To be fair, Ferrari Ki Sawaari has a lot going for it on the surface. Joshi, in the first lead role of his career, carries the film manfully on his shoulders and Seema Bhargava, playing a feisty wedding planner, steals every scene that she is in. Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a thank you note to Sachin Tendulkar for inspiring a whole generation of young Indians to pick up the willow and knock the cricket ball around with intent.
5 – Flawless
4 – Must Watch
3 – One Time Watch
2 – Wait for the DVD
1 – Stay Away

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