Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hottest Green Gadget for Music Lovers

Here we present the worlds first eco-friendly H2O shower radio powered by water pressure, meaning it's energy efficient and won't run out of power.

The H2O Water Powered Shower Radio is the first of its kind in the world. Simply attach it to the faucett on your shower to provide power. The radio houses a small turbine that spins with the water pressure when you turn on the shower. 

This provides power and also recharges the internal battery so that you can listen even with the shower off. Safe, easy and smiple. The H2O Water Powered Shower Radio can provide you music, news and information while you shower.

Gadget Specifications

FM receipt range 87,5 - 108 MHz
Audio Output Power more than 80mW

Output when water pressure at
0.16 Mpa/23PSI/1.6 BAR flux > 260L/hr
Voltage: > 2.4V
Current: > 60 mA
Output when water pressure at
0.20 Mpa/29PSI/2.0 BAR flux > 300L/hr
Voltage: > 2.8V
Current: > 70 mA
Output when water pressure at
0.25 Mpa/36PSI/2.5 BAR flux > 380L/hr
Voltage: > 3.5V
Current: > 80 mA

Size & Weight
Size 131*74.5*42.5 mm
Weight 272 gram

The Gadget costs £26.21 at present. Enjoy the music !

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