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Top Ten Tips to Maintain Your Car in Summers

In summers the car engines works extra hard and thus needs extra care as well. With the looming summers and the temperature raising around 40-42 degrees, hot weather doesn't not only affect humans negatively due to excessive heat, but it does the same to cars too.

Cars get exhausted in this season and, as human beings require some extra care during this season, so do the cars. Here are some tips that will ensure that your cars continue to be in good condition even during the hot sultry summers.

1. Tyre pressure

During summers, it is absolutely critical to review tire pressure at regular intervals. This is one of the first and foremost things one needs to do to ensure that one’s car is up and running throughout the summer. If you generally observe, tires are one of the most overlooked parts of a car. Everybody pays more attention on washing their cars, rather than actually checking the pressure. Tyre pressure changes with rising temperatures. There is a change of 1 to 2 PSI for every 10 degrees increase in the temperature. An under-inflated tire will eventually burst, as there is too much pressure on the side walls of the tire. On the other hand an over- inflated tire is risky, as it does not make enough contact with the road. During summers one must keep a spare tire in the vehicle, Spare tire needs to be in good condition. Please check the tire pressure regularly, using the hand pressure gauge and also visit the service station for the same.

2. Check the fuel tank

Excessive heat can lead to development of leakages in your oil tank. So, periodic check can help one to keep a track of this problem. At all times the tank should appear clean on the testing stick and be at a sufficient level. Before checking the oil, make sure that you drive your car for 15 minutes, then turn off your vehicle and allow the oil to drain back to oil pan.

3. Clean air condition

With the onset of summer, air conditioners working become very critical. It is imperative that the air-conditioner is working fine; otherwise one can get baked by the heat. If you see some cold vapors after switching on your air conditioner, then make sure that you get that fixed at the earliest. One should make sure that this activity is done in winters too. That will help one to avoid hassles in summer.

4. Visit the service station

A break down during summer can make a person’s nightmare come true. This can be completely avoided if the car is serviced periodically at the service station. This activity will also increase fuel efficiency.

5. Windshield wiper blades

In a lot of places across the world, we have thunderstorms during the summer season. So to tackle this unpredictable weather, one must always take care of windshield wiper blades.

6. Park your car in shade

One must always park his/her car in a shade, during summers. Your car should not get exposed to direct sunlight. This is one of the basic measures which can be taken.

7. Do not leave children, pets and electronics in a parked car

Remember that in summers, the temperature in your car can soar up to 160 degree Celsius which can have undesirable impact on your electronics and other things which are left behind in the car. So do not leave any electronics in a parked car, as there is very high possibility that the heat would have its undesirable impact on them.

8. Give your car a wash

In order to protect the exterior of your car from the hot and scorching sunlight, it is advisable that one must get his car waxed before the summer begins. Along with that make sure that it is washed at least once in two days

9. Check the coolant and radiator

Driving on a hot day can overheat your car. A busted fan belt and low coolant levels are the reasons, why this actually happens. A car requires proper air flowing across the engine; this will help in keeping it cool. During summer times, one must regularly check the coolant levels. The radiator must be flushed, at least once in two years.

10. Clean your battery

The best way to keep you battery running during tough summer times is by keeping it clean. Strap the battery tightly from all ends and make sure that all the connections are secure. These precautions need to be taken as summer heat tends to speed up the chemical reaction inside the battery. Resultant the battery gets overcharged, which can lead to shortening of the life span of your battery.

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