Monday, 16 April 2012

Top Ten Metros of the World

Ahead of the2012 results, we have compiled (in no particular order) ten of our favouritesfrom around the world, taking into account such factors as ease of use,coverage, cleanliness, safety, design, punctuality and technologicalinnovation.
Having openedas a 4-mile stretch nearly 150 years ago, the Tube is the world’s oldestsubway, with 254 miles of track (the second-largest after Shanghai), 275stations (55 percent of which are above ground), 11 lines in a rainbow ofcolors and three million journeys made every day.

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  1. Wow....really these metro are amazing.These days transportation is the one of the major part for the countries for the development.Many people are using different modes of transportation.Especially railway transport is the major one for the passengers to travel within time & not effecting any traffic.Found some of the world's top busiest metro systems in the world.