Sunday, 22 April 2012

Ice Cream Sandwich: What’s Special

Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest available version of android, the most prominent mobile development platform available today. It is the best Android version and offers some really amazing features that were not available in its predecessors. The new version is expected to be a lot more fun, entertaining and useful for the general users.
Ice Cream Sandwich Android

Some of the new features of this version are:

Instant Screen-shots

Now users can take the screen-shots of their mobile screens without installing any third party application as they did in previous versions. They just have to hold down power button and press the volume down button and the screen-shot would be taken.

Ice Cream Sandwich Screen Capture

The Multitasking Button

A virtual button, when pressed down, allows developers to view all the recently used apps and switch to the desired app. The apps are displayed in the form of thumbnails and thus help the mobile user in differentiating between the active applications and non active applications.

Ice Cream Sandwich Multitasking

Input Features

The text input features have been enhanced to an entirely new level by adding a highly responsive keyboard and the in-line spell checker. Further, users can now input messages by just speaking them; the phone automatically converts the words into text.

Ice Cream Sandwich Input Features

Face Lock

Users don’t have to worry about remembering passwords, patterns, codes, etc anymore as the new android version offers face lock feature which allows the user to lock the phone and use their face as the password to unlock it.

Ice Cream Sandwich Face Unlcok

Data Monitoring

No need to worry about the data usage as now the new android version keeps a track of the data being used by the device. You can set warning signals for desired data usage limits and whenever this limit is reached the phone will send you the warning signal. Users can also set data usage limitation for each individual application.

Ice Cream Sandwich Data Monitoring

Android Beam

The android beam is the in-built Near Field Communication (NFC) feature that allows users to share files with each other by just bringing the devices close and tapping them against each other.

Ice Cream Sandwich Android Beam

The Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android has received a huge response from users and the mobile application development industry. Mobile apps development companies from all over the world are trying to extract the most out of this platform and offer better solutions and applications to their clients.

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