Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Remove Flashback Trojan - Enjoy Safe Surfing

Since the discovery last month of the Flashback Trojan having infected morethan 600,000 Mac OS X, Apple and several security firms havereleased tools to help detect and clean up Flashback infections.
Dr.Web, the Russian antivirus vendor that first sounded the alarmabout the outbreak, has published a free online service that lets users tellwhether their systems have been seen phoning home to Flashback's controlservers (those servers have since been hijacked by researchers). The servicerequires users to enter their Mac's hardware unique user ID (HW-UUID), becausethis is how the miscreants who were running the botnet kept track of theirinfections.
F-Secure, the Finnish security firm that worked with Dr.Web tomore accurately gauge the true number of Flashback-infected Macs, has a Flashback Removal Tool available fordownload from its website.
Apple released its own Flashback Trojan removal tool onFriday, after advising it was working on it.

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