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Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi: Hindi Movie Review

Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi: Hindi Movie Review
Average Rating:  1.5/5
(Based on web reviews)

Stars: 1/5   Site: Times Of India

Amol Ganguly (Ranvir Shorey) quits his job as a chef in UK and dashes back to Mumbai to his beloved, only to find out that she's ditched him for an ugly millionaire. Distraught, he seeks comfort in his
wannabe rockstar friend, dope-head Ajoy Ghosh (Pradhuman Singh), who walks around in boxers with sazaa-e-maut tattoo on his back, chants 'The Bengali will rock', has 'Mother Chucker' sprawled on his walls, scratches his privates (yuck!) and 'Doogle'-searches ways to commit suicide, for his heart-broken Bong buddy. Chandigarh ki chori, Dolly (Neha Bhasin), a struggling starlet is on a mission to dupe Mumbai's rich men to recover some of her losses (money and dignity). They all converge at the shady Hotel Plaza, amidst bullet showers, purposeless blood-baths, and a climax that leaves an after-taste of stale vada pau. 

Director Rakesh Mehta tells a story which is more cramped with characters than Mumbai's local trains. The dialogues are unmoving and script more disoriented than the city's unbearable traffic. Watch it at your own risk, but remember, we warned you. 

Stars: 1.5/5 Site: DainikBhaskar

Rakesh Mehta fails to induce life in a poorly written screenplay. As a dialogue writer, though, he earns some brownie points, especially due to the ACP Chautala case. The jerks in the course of the film, as the director moves from one sub-plot to another, are quite glaring, which further makes one disinterested. Unperturbed despite being aimed by the gun makes Ranvir look foolish, and further when he discovers that his ex-girlfriend hits him despite saving her life. Barring few performances and dialogues, nothing in the film manages to strike the chord. Poor script, boring screenplay and music leaves 'Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi' in a very risky situation.

On the whole, Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi leaves one uncomfortably numb; so, enter the halls at your own risk. 

Stars: 1.5/5 Site: IBNLive

Abundance of good actors can make a director confused about giving the proper space and time to every character. Director Rakesh Mehta's 'Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi' suffers from the same problem. 'Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi' is slow but that's not the prime concern. It doesn't convey anything which was expected from a film with four characters carrying four separate notions. An amalgamation of emotions, 'Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi' lacks the punch, and one can find it tough to look at the screen throughout the film. Good actors are wasted due to unimaginative writing. 

Songs are easily forgettable, so is the editing. In fact, repetition of shots gives a jarring feeling. The camera department shows promise in a couple of shots, especially in the introduction sequence of Kay Kay, where the camera frames him as someone pitted against the sea. 'Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi' lacks a well thought out treatment which allows good actors to come up with wayward acting.
5 – Flawless
4 – Must Watch
3 – One Time Watch
2 – Wait for the DVD
1 – Stay Away

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