Monday, 2 July 2012

Magical Waters of Himalayas - Natural Healer of Skin Diseases

Himalayan Sulpher Waters -Take a dip to cure skin diseases
The magical waters of Himalayas have medicinal properties and are believed to cure several ailments like blood pressure and skin diseases.

Here we have listed ten such ponds worth visiting during trip to India. Even there is no scientific evidence available to prove the facts but there is no harm in taking dip and try them out.

Phur Tsa Chu, Sikkim

Situated on the bank of River Rangeet is the hot spring 'Phur Tsa Chu', half and hour drive from Legship and one hour drive from Jorethang. People from all walks of life come to dip in this hot spring during the month of January to March. This springs have a medicinal properties believed to cure many ailments of the skin, joints, bones and muscles. Adjacent to the hot spring pond is the small Buddhist monastery where the visitor make offerings. 

Manikaran, Himachal

Manikaran lies in the Parvati Valley, 45 km from Kulu. The spring is situated near the bank of Parvati River. The springs at Manikaran come out to surface with pressure and are very hot. There is no iron or sulphur mixed in the waters, but it is said to be radio active. The water of these springs is so much hot that pulses, rice, vegetables, even chapattis can be boiled and cooked in it. The temple and a gurudwara at the spot cook food in this water and serve them to the visitors. The healing properties of the Manikaran Springs are well known all over the country. Pilgrims come here to cure high blood pressure, kidney stones and skin diseases. Even muscular pains and Rheumatism are cured very fast by taking bath in this water.

Tattapani, Himachal

Located 51 km from Shimla and 29 km from Naldera, Tattapani is a famous tourist resort located in the Mandi district. Located on the right bank of river Satluj, it is nestled at an altitude of 656 meters. This natural spring is pure and has curative power for various bodily ailments. The spring contains the mineral sulphur which contributes to the healing properties. The water level of the spring keeps changing with the fluctuation in the water level of the river. Literary ‘Tatta-pani’ means hot water.

Vajreshwari Hot Springs, Himachal

Himachal Pradesh offers three types of Hot Springs - Simple Springs, Mineral Springs and Thermal Springs. Each has its own curative properties. Simple Springs are ordinary springs emerging from an underground source. Mineral Springs are abundant with minerals like Sulphur. Thermal Springs are very hot. The famous Hot Springs of Himachal Pradesh is Vashisht Spring, located above river Beas, 3 Kms from Manali in district Kullu.

This popular tourist destination offers healing to people with skin disorders. The hot water springs located in the middle of the Vashisht village emerges through granitic gneisses. The temperature of the water varies from 110°F - 123°F.The Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC) has built Turkish baths, 500 meters below this village to tap the curative properties of this spring. The hot water is poured into these baths via a series of pipes.Hundreds of people take a dip every day, and a separate tank is reserved exclusively for women. 

Tapt Kund at Badarinath, Uttarakhand

Located just below the Shri Badrinathji temple, the meeting point of Alaknanda and Rishi Ganga rivers, this thermal spring of hot sulphurous water has inviting freshwater pool. The bathing area, 16.1/2 feet by 14.1/4 feet, has separate arrangements for men and women. Although the normal temperature is 55°c, the water temperature keeps rising gradually during the day.

It is considered to have high medicinal value. A dip here is considered to be a good cure for skin diseases. A bathe in the hot spring provide a revitalizing vigor and energy to all the visitors who had undertook a tiresome climb.

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