Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Air-Conditioned Clothing - A Breakthrough In Right Direction ?

A Japanese company has unveiled a pair of trousers with a built-in air conditioning fan. Air-conditioned clothing could be good option for middle-east countries where workers remain exposed to unbearable heat.

If you work outdoors during the hot summer months you'll know how hard it is to find flexible and practical pants that also keep you cool. Most people would probably just try to stay hydrated or stand under some shade when outdoors, but Japanese company Kuchofuku has taken it a step further with its new fully air-conditioned pair of pants. In fact, Kuchofuku already has a range of other air-conditioned pieces of clothing, including an air-conditioned shirt and an air-conditioned cooling coat. So it only seems reasonable to add a nice pair of air-conditioned pants to complete the whole ensemble.

The pants have built-in air-conditioning fans designed to ensure sweat cools down the body, with each fan being visible from each side.The pants are made of a polyester-cotton blend and only seem to come in Khaki at the moment.

The battery-powered fan set hangs on the outside of the pants so it doesn't add any real bulk or weight, all the while keeping you cool as you go about your work in the blazing heat,  may be a realistic clothing option for construction workers or other people who spend long hours out in the heat. They come in a variety of sizes and go for about $208 on Japan Trend Shop.


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