Thursday, 25 October 2012

iPad 4 : Must have Gadget for Christmas 2012

iPad 4 - Right choice for Christmas gift
This was a surprise release as everybody was so focused on what the new mini would look like. Apple has launched the new iPad. Some are saying its too soon after the launch of the iPad 3, or as Apple called it, the ‘new iPad,’ only arrived in March this year

It's not quite what we expected, but Apple has just introduced us to a new, 4th generation iPad at its event in San Jose, California today. It's essentially a hardware refresh for Apple's 3rd gen slate, as it packs new A6X silicon with quad-core graphics that the company claims provides double the performance of the old A5X chip. The new iPad also gets dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi, expanded LTE compatibility, a 720p FaceTime camera on the front and the new image processor first seen in the iPhone 5. Of course, it also gets the reversible Lightning port that debuted on on the iPhone, and will be available in both black and white. Pricing stays the same as its predecessor, with a 16GB WiFi version for $499 and a 16GB model with cellular data on board costs $629. Interested? You'll be able to pick one up through Apple's online and brick and mortar stores or Apple Authorized Resellers in a host of countries -- listed in the PR after the break -- on November 2nd.

However it looks the same as the iPad 3 and apart from these things there’s little difference between the third and fourth generation iPad and Apple is even maintaining the current prices of the iPad 3, with the same pricing structure for the iPad 4. Apple has therefore chosen to appease its customers with an apparently generous gesture of goodwill, by extending its standard 14-day return policy to 30 days for the iPad 3.

The offer is possible because the iPad 4 is priced identically to the iPad 3, which has now been discontinued.

Another hottest gadget for this holiday season ? What say ??

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