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Ek Tha Tiger : Hindi Movie Review and Critics Ratings

Ek Tha Tiger : Hindi Movie Review
Average Rating: 3/5
(Based on web reviews)

Stars: 2/5
‘Ek Tha Tiger’ looked very promising prior to its release and the film does entertain you to an extent but also compels you to wonder if you truly want to ridicule your intelligence. Salman Khan plays Tiger, a code name given to him by Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) of India. But the role of an intelligence officer has been manipulated to the core to befit a masala entertainer!

Though Tiger knows that he is on a mission and he dare not fall in love, he loses his heart to Zoya, who could act as a catalyst in providing information about the professor. Tiger is constantly reminded of his duties by Gopi (Ranvir Shorey), his colleague, not to lose his heart while on a mission but he does approve of Tiger’s choice of a Bhabhi for him! Though Salman and Katrina deny being in a relationship in real life, their chemistry onscreen looks every bit convincing. And the duo is an absolute delight to the eyes!

But over all, the film does disappoint you for it fails to deliver what it promised.

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Stars: 3/5
Ek Tha Tiger is an action lover’s paradise. Seconds into the film, when you’ve not even settled well in your seat, there’s cigarette ash settling down on screen in slow motion. Tiger has just thrown his first kick, a signal of his arrival. Not to mention the theatre erupts in applause and mirth seeing their favourite Bhai in his element. Many kicks, jumps, punches and gun shots follow in a soiled, yet beautifully shot Iraq. When Tiger isn’t travelling, he’s busy making neighbours jealous and suspicious of his profession. Then he punches some more so we know all’s well with the world.

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Stars: 4/5
The highlight of Ek Tha Tiger – other than Salman, Katrina (as Zoya) and their sizzling chemistry – is the death defying action. The leading pair goes all out, no-holds-barred. They skid cars, jump off buildings, chase and beat up baddies and run through narrow streets like there is no tomorrow. But perhaps the main reason why we liked this Eid release is that it also shows off the human side of the spy business. In one scene Tiger tells his fellow agent Gopi (Ranvir Shorey), “Yaar, Tiger to kutton ka naam hota hai!” (Dogs are usually named Tiger).

Watch this film for the mind-blowing action and the sizzling chemistry between the leading pair. They look perfect together and that itself is a big reason to buy a ticket. Who says spies can’t sing and dance without looking silly!

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Cast: Salaman Khan, Katrina, Ranvir Shorey

5 – Flawless
4 – Must Watch
3 – One Time Watch
2 – Wait for the DVD
1 – Stay Away

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  1. Now that you saw ETT, you realise how powerful the super star is!!! He's always been that, he has always had the spark and extra edge that no one can match up to. He is first a star yes and then an actor. His stardom is infectious and yes I am infected by it since Maine Pyar Kiya released even though I was only eight years then! The movies you have made fun of and ridiculed have been specifically and specially written for him cause he is an actor of the masses, he caters to an audience of all strata of our society and of all age groups. These films might not have good scripts but can you imagine what Mr. Khan did to these sloppy scripts with just his presence?
    He has it in him, he is for the masses, he is a true entertainer and cheers to him for pulling off even shamefully sloppy roles just by himself! Do not ridicule him because of lame scripts, thats not his job, he does what his director asks him to! If he can be PREM he can also be a TIGER! Love him and salute his style!